WallDrain represents the latest innovation in linear drain design from QuickDrain USA. This revolutionary system allows for the most seamless design possible – by installing the drain in the wall itself and sloping the shower floor to one subtle channel, there will be absolutely no disruption in the shower design. WallDrain features all of the hallmark QuickDrain elements of style and technology that have made our linear drains consistently superior:

  • Internally sloped drain configuration. Our fully sloped drain ensures no standing water, which helps to prevent build up and bacteria growth.
  • On site adjustability. WallDrain can accommodate shower lengths of 26″ – 72″ with the use of one drain and 56″ – 96″ with two drains linked together.
  • Installation flexibility. WallDrain can be installed with most topical liquid waterproofing or sub-drainage systems (copper or PVC pan liners). Can be installed with any thickness of wall tile and up to 3/4″ floor tile.