What it is: From antique furnishings to floral-print fabrics, traditional style sometimes gets a bad rap as fussy and outdated. But that's missing the point. While it's true that this look takes its inspiration from the past, it's really about comfort. Every element feels familiar, properly placed and predictable — in a good way.

Why it works: There's a reason that traditional decorating has thrived for so long. It promises warmth and welcome, and it delivers. Refined furnishings, mannerly textiles, dignified colors and a sense of order make this beloved style easy to live with. What's more appealing than that?

You'll love it if... Chaos makes you queasy. Your favorite movies are untouched by Technicolor. You've vacationed in the same spot since you were 12. Your ideal day involves a bookshelf full of classics and a tumbler of Scotch.