Insinkerator Hot Water Dispensers


Instant Hot Water Dispensers – Stylish. Convenient. Indispensible.

InSinkErator instant hot water dispensers make it possible to get near-boiling water as easy as it is to fill a glass. Imagine how great it would be to have piping hot water – ready all the time – right at the kitchen sink!

Instant hot water dispensers speed up preparation of meals and drinks like coffee and tea, make cleaning a snap and are useful for dozens of other tasks. Plus, the stylish, faucets complement your existing kitchen faucet, adding to the beauty of your kitchen.

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  • Easy-to-adjust temperature control
  • Tool-free tank connections and dry start protection to ease installation
  • Provides up to 60 cups per hour of steaming hot water
  • 2 year parts and labour limited warranty
  • InSinkErator 5-Year We Come To You® In-Home Full Service Limited Warranty Covers parts and labor

Quick Specs

  • 115 volts, 750 watts, 6.5 amps
  • 30-125 psi
  • 2/3-gallon stainless steel tank
  • Uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb